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Authentic Offerings 
& Holistic Grief Support Services

Serving Canora, Saskatchewan locally
and the global community virtually

Online & In-Person
Counselling Services

Located in Southern Saskatchewan, I offer holistic spiritual & mental health counselling & community strengthening circles. My name is Richele, how can I be of service?

New Location

Enriched Alignment is now offering sessions out of Soulsis Wellness Studio at 112 Main St. Canora, Saskatchewan. Choose from in-person or online.

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Are you asking yourself:

"Is there funding for mental health and counselling services in Saskatchewan?"

Funding solutions exist. I am able to help you access funding for mental health and well-being. Let's connect today to see what path is right for you.



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Q: How does working with a counsellor help improve mental and spiritual health?

A: When we are witnessed in our truth, in a safe, inclusive and understanding way, we are validated in what we feel. Whether it is in 1-on-1 sessions or group sessions, my clients experience the process of developing emotional awareness through stabilizing the nervous system with breath and body focused activities and then exploring emotionally intelligent self-reflection questions. Those who work with me gain a better understanding of themselves and also who they are in Relationship to their community.

Q: How old do you need to be to begin working on emotional and spiritual health?

A: It is appropriate to learn about loving ourselves fully at any age, and this is ultimately what emotional & spiritual health is. Mental and spiritual health is tied to community health. We inherit the communal story that we are born into and so also, we heal the communal story we are born into through learning about ourselves and learning to accept ourselves. You can check out my community calendar for different age group specific events, plus, the individual sessions have no age specification or restrictions.

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